Our Favorite Breakfast: Top 6 Facts About Nutella

Published on 08/24/2022

There are many differences that we have seen when it comes to the breakfast menu across various parts of the globe. However, there are multiple common factors known as essential breakfast ingredients; one of the many is Nutella. It was introduced back in 1960, and it gained popularity very quickly after its inception. For those living under the rocks, it’s a spread made of 70% hazelnut and 30% chocolate. Apart from being used as a hazelnut spread on the bread, it is used in preparing various ice creams, pastries, etc. The folks at Nutella have managed to retain the taste for all these years, and it’s the primary reason behind its addiction-level consumption among all age groups. There might be several products that are trying to compete with this chocolate spread. However, all of them seem to be failing to do so. In this blog, we will discuss a few interesting facts you might not know.

Our Favorite Breakfast Top 6 Facts About Nutella

Our Favorite Breakfast Top 6 Facts About Nutella

Nutella Can’t Be Called A ‘Chocolate Cream’

As per Italian laws, it is prohibited to categorize Nutella under the name of ‘chocolate cream. Per the rules, a chocolate cream must contain a certain number of cocoa solids, and Nutella doesn’t meet the threshold. One point to hazelnuts here.

It Would Help If You Did Not Put It In The Refrigerator.

You might also be the one who believes that Nutella should be kept in a refrigerator so that it doesn’t lose its taste. Nutella has several ingredients, including sugar, that will allow you to keep it on a shelf. Nutella will remain perfectly consumable without refrigerating. If you are putting it in the refrigerator, it will make the hazelnuts harder. It will restrict the cream from spreading its taste.

It Contains A Huge Amount Of Sugar

Hold your breath, everyone; we are about to make some big revelations to you. A single teaspoon of this chocolate richness will carry more than 100 calories of sugar. A whole jar of Nutella will offer 20 grams of protein than the healthy nutrients.

€20,000 Of Nutella Was Stolen In Germany

It must be a theft, one of its kind, when the thieves in Germany have stolen a whole stock of Nutella worth €20,000. It was a whopping 5 tons in weight and kept in a parked trailer. After months of investigation, it was reported that the thieves also stole many other caffeinated products and multiple energy drinks.

The Brand Consumes Around 25% Off Whole Hazelnut’s Global Production.

For starters, Nutella processes more than 100,00 tons of hazelnuts per annum, which is one of the reasons the hazelnuts’ pricing has spiked up over the years. If we look at the statistics, it has gone up almost by 60%. The brand diversifies the whole hazelnut consumption to a number of its products across the brand. It is the primary reason behind the increasing number of farmers trying to shift to hazelnut farming for better returns.

The Brand Consumes Around 25 Percent Of Whole Hazelnuts Global Production

The Brand Consumes Around 25 Percent Of Whole Hazelnuts Global Production

A Jar Is Sold Every 2.5 Seconds

A study published in 2017 reported that the brand sells a Nutella jar every 2.5 seconds through several channels, whether online or offline. All the yet sold jars will cover our planet’s diameter 1.8 times if put side by side. In the earlier days of its inception, Ferrero sold Nutella in the form of bricks, not in the cream form it is today.