Breakfast Items That Were Common 100 Years Ago

Published on 10/30/2020

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides the energy that you will need to perform your daily activities. This meal has gone through changes over the years. Let us take a look at breakfast recipes over the years.

Breakfast Items That Were Common 100 Years Ago

Breakfast Items That Were Common 100 Years Ago

Milk Toast

Once upon a time, this convenient meal was made with toast, warm milk, butter, and sugar and was a favorite breakfast. It’s also a relaxing morning snack: toast bread, heat milk (sometimes with raisins and spices) in a skillet, and pour it over toast. There are many options, including adding cinnamon or salt and pepper to milk. People also think it helps with digestion, which is an interesting argument because dairy products are difficult for most people to digest.

Spam and Eggs

Spam became a household during the World War 2for the purpose of mimicking rationed meat during the war. The price is reasonable, with pork label, ham, some salt, water, modified potato starch and preservatives. Despite being a breakfast staple, spam is used in many recipes, not just breakfast. Today, canned meats have gotten a bad rap in many parts of the United States, but not in Hawaii. In Hawaii, spam and eggs are still at breakfast and rice is commonly added.

Johnny’s Cake

This fried flatbread dates back to the American Indians. The recipe was easily published in the 1909 New England Cookbook – it contained cornmeal, boiling water, and salt, and the end result was like pancakes.
Johnny’s pies sometimes still appear on menus in parts of the Midwest and South, and are also tried in Rhode Island and parts of the Caribbean. Who is Johnny? No one can be sure of this and thinks that Johnny probably not.


You may also be familiar with “hoecakes”, the recipe of which is similar to that of Johnnycakes. However, the main difference lies in the original cooking method: the electronic head is probably fire fried with a lot of iron.



Dippy Eggs

While they are still popular in the UK, if you live on this side of the pond (especially Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Pittsburgh), you might remember this quirky dish by name. The eggs are cooked in the sun and are ideal for dipping toast in liquid yolk. This toast is sometimes called a “soldier’s toast.”

Cinnamon Toast

This is another convenient breakfast item that kids love the most. It consists of toast, butter and sugar with cinnamon. Sometimes the toast is cut into an interesting shape or the crust is cut, but it’s really just the whole ingredient of the warm cinnamon butter-sugar filling. It must be nostalgic for comfort food.


Think Yorkshire Pudding and you have a pop-up window. It is similar to pudding in that it is light, hollow, and egg-shaped, and is especially popular in New England. People often eat it with butter and jelly, and it popped up in kitchens and recipes in the 1850s. In another version in Portland, Oregon, Portland’s pop-up pudding is very popular.


These hot roasted cereals were born in New York City in 1879, especially in a bakery near Mulberry Street. It has proven its worth over the centuries, and yes, it still exists and is now produced in Pennsylvania. But it is not as popular as it is today.

Cream of Wheat

Wheat flour (of course, wheat flour) is another comfort food for porridge breakfast. Made with warm milk, often with maple syrup (maybe with a little salt), on winter morning this hug is in a bowl. It surfaced at a mill in North Dakota and warmly started a new day. You still can buy it, but kids these days may never have heard of it.